The Real Removal/Tip Run - Assessment Sheet

Please note this is a booking request only and all submissions will be assessed before being confirmed.

This for is also for TIP RUNS & RUBBISH REMOVALS

    PRICE GUIDE ONLY - this may alter after assessment

  • Private bookings - from $50.00 per hour (base to base)

  • Participants - in accordance with their NDIS plan

  • TIP RUNS - waste fees are passed on at cost

If you require a LAWN CARE or HOME MAINTENANCE SERVICE, please visit our website and click the relevant link:

Note this is a requested date only and we will advise if our team is available when we respond
Advise details if contact is via any other method
If multiple locations, please include addresses here

List of Items

Please ensure all the items that need to be moved are included below, along with as much detail as possible on numbers, size, length, weight, etc.

Cabinets, wardrobes, tables, desks, etc.
Bedside tables, chairs, stools, etc.
Fridges, washing machines, etc.
Number (or estimate) and idea of contents
Sporting goods, shed equipment, etc.